Healthy Whole Foods Desserts You Should Be Buying

We’ve all been there. You try a new recipe, and it comes out perfectly. The family loves it, you love it, and life is beautiful. Then, you take it to one of your friends, and their feedback is more like, “Sooooo…what exactly is that?” You see, sometimes, even when we’ve created the perfect recipe, there can be some pretty questionable components that we tend to forget about.

Whole Food is a great place to buy food, but it’s also where you’ll find some of the best desserts in town. If you want to buy desserts, snacks, or sweets at Whole Foods, there are many healthy options for you to enjoy.
If you’re looking to eat healthier and cut down on dessert calories, Whole Foods is the place to shop! If you’re on a diet, this list of desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth while being super healthy.

With this list being vegan, dairy, and gluten-free, you’re going to have many options to choose from, so make sure you pick something that fits your lifestyle. There are so many of these types of ice creams made with all kinds of different ingredients. You can’t go wrong with any of the popular flavor combinations!

These cold dairy ice creams are great for serving guests or grabbing and going if your meal doesn’t include heavy cream or milk. Mixing in your favorite toppings such as fresh raspberries, limes, or strawberries makes them a great dessert!

Blueberry Muffin ice cream is a dairy-free alternative that tastes just like a famous dairy item! This dairy-free ice cream is fluffy and full of fresh berries. Try it on a fresh banana with strawberry preserves or drizzle it over sliced fruit for a super yummy breakfast option. Peanut butter, jelly, brownies, and muffins! There are so many delicious dessert options on this list that sure you won’t run out of things to buy!

There are things we tend to think are very healthy. However, dairy-free substitutes or products that are not dairy can be pretty unhealthy if we tend to skip over minor details. I found this bag of microwave popcorn with no dairy in it, and neither does the Smart Crunch cereal. I figured they’re both good choices because there is no dairy in either of them. However, you need to be aware of what is in everything you eat, especially if your goal is to get more nutritious foods into your diet.

It’s no secret…we love desserts, and sometimes we have so many excuses to eat something sweet and also because of our favorite food groups. With that being said, trust me when I tell you that without the dairy in everything, a lot of this dessert stuff will not be very healthy. You can still enjoy a dessert, but make sure you know the components you are putting into it. You’re not sacrificing anything too greatly in terms of nutrients.
Desserts can be a great way to treat yourself or get a snack at a health food store. However, know that you can still have a great meal without the sugar and fat-ridden treats made from dairy.

I enjoy grabbing a bag of Trader Joe’s cheesecake and banana ice cream bars when I’m feeling really lazy. We all know how important salt is for our health, but helicopters or scoops sometimes work great as treats.

There are many options whether you’re looking for a new snack or a dessert. Each store has different options, you can find at least a dozen healthy options to add to your shopping cart with a some research. Also, if you’re looking for a delicious, gluten-free snack, these may be what you’re looking for.
I am not a huge fan of sugary yogurts, so when I saw this pumpkin spice one, I knew I had to try it!
This is a great inexpensive way to prepare your favorite oatmeal or granola bars in a quick and tasty way. Pumpkin seeds make it easy to increase the spice level without going overboard and adding too many calories.
This first one is easy. I love to make instant oatmeal pudding with instant coffee and half a can of crushed pineapple for a sweet little surprise.

This whole wheat gluten-free flour will not add too many calories to your meals, but it is super tasty and a staple in my kitchen. I love this with hot or cold cereal for some easy and natural breakfast greatness.
In my opinion, this is one of the most delicious and versatile desserts you can make! Pumpkin pie spice is the main flavor boost, but you can experiment with other spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. Add this to your favorite dishes, and let your tastebuds thank you for feeding them processed sugar.
Vegan cream cheese alternatives are an amazing alternative to dairy in your diet. Cream cheese is affordable and can be found in most dairy-free, plant-based dishes. Using pasta instead of dairy cheese replacements is another great alternative that can easily be made vegan.

My favorite sure-to-have snacks for any event are fruit snacks or bars. These are the perfect healthy option that you can give to everyone at your mother-in-law’s house, for example, and they taste much better than those sitting in your pantry. I save most of my fresh fruit (and some frozen), so I always find a ripe one and keep it in my refrigerator as an extra treat.

We’ve all tried fruit smoothies, and my favorite is a fruit juice with some kind of twist. These are great to pack for school or work because they are super healthy and satisfying. Plus, you can easily add them to oatmeal or sandwiches.
Are you looking for a protein-filled protein bar? These are an inexpensive option trying to give your diet extra punch. You can find a variety of brands, but I love the ones from Silk.

If you want to join the club and get 10% off on all purchases in the next 30 days, use code loaf24 at checkout.
Have a sweet tooth? This Mexican bakery shop has some of the best chocolate chip cookies in San Diego. The signature dish on their menu is the Doña Ana cookies—with dulce de leche and sea salt. If you want to try the cookies, you can get them from La Lifta or Sweet Maria’s on the same menu.
The best Korean fried chicken in San Diego, if you’re looking for a place to get it, get it from South Korean BBQs. While the grilled chicken isn’t the best, the beer bibimbap is. The flakey donut is filled with braised chicken.

Noodles or pad thai is usually the go-to take-out for good pad Thai in San Diego. Hungry for more fun on your menu? Hoa Hing Thai Cuisine will satisfy your taste buds with their skewers filled with everything from fish to chicken to tofu.

Every office worker should feel at home at Chipotle, so you should try their San Dieguito Tamale Bowl. The spicy pork base is slathered in tamale paste, topped with orange bell peppers, tomatoes, small red chiles, and black beans. Juicy pineapple chunks provide a nice contrast and make for a light and fresh meal.
Pork shoulder grillings are becoming more popular around here, and they are a group favorite. Try them with the La Cocina salsa on top.
San Diego has many amazing Mexican restaurants in it, from El Camino to street food stalls in Little Italy. Don’t leave without trying El Camino on Bernardo Valle and La Plaza from La Cocina. If you’re craving some authentic street corn, head to El Camino Burritos Taqueria on Rosie O’Donnell Drive. You will not be disappointed with the amazing tortillas, salsa, and treats. And for gluten-free options, Edamame is also available.

Are you looking for some good Tex-Mex fare? Try El Boraje, Home Cooked, or the La Mar Stop & Shop on Bernardo Valle every day for some of the best breakfast tacos in San Diego. Here you can load up on breakfast foods like enchiladas, tamales, and loads of breakfast plates like nachos, huevos con tapis, and a vegetarian option to satisfy your bellies.
Baked Alaska is a popular San Diego eatery that serves up some of the tastiest pasta in San Diego with different vegetable fillings and flavors.

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