How Effective is a Detox Program

If followed correctly, you can leave a complete detox program with an improved physique, smoother skin, healthier mind, more vitality, spiritual clarity, higher mental stability, and a closer relationship with your Higher Power. However, detox is never just about eliminating chemical toxins out of the body. It involves dietary modifications to include healthy foods, natural supplements, and an exercise regime that work for you. If done correctly, a detox will boost the immune system, enhance mental awareness, and stimulate the natural healing process in the body.

To begin any detox program, it is recommended that you first eat a proper diet that is specifically designed for your type of detoxification. This will help prevent nutritional deficiencies that could hinder or even result in the failure of the program. Once you have adequately planned and prepared your diet, it is time to begin the actual detoxification process. This process can be undertaken three times a year (in spring, summer, and winter) or whenever you feel the need. The first step in detoxification is the cleaning out of the body, so make sure that you cleanse your insides!